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But maybe you're also interested in who I am personally.

I'm an Indiana native and a proud Indiana University alumna.


I've been married to my husband for nearly a decade, and together we have 13 cats (yes, 13) because we just can't turn away a stray. (I get two responses when sharing this information: a look of horror that says "This woman is crazy," or a look of awestruck excitement followed by "That's AMAZING.")

I'm a lifelong Formula 1 enthusiast, an avid reader, an amateur interior designer, a zealous foodie, a fervent beauty & fashion consumer, and a podcast fanatic. I love traveling, spending lazy days in the sun, ritualizing self care, cooking meals Gordon Ramsey would praise, photographing all of the big & little moments of life, and starting my day with exercise to set the tone for what awaits in the coming hours.

It's nice to meet you — hopefully I'll get to know you soon as well!

By now you know who I am professionally —

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